Employee Privacy

Keep Personal Numbers Personal

Employee privacy is of particular concern in high-risk and sensitive sectors such as nursing and teaching. With Corona® Cloud and our World Apps, organisations can add and manage an entire fleet of business numbers installed on employee owned devices. This allows you to easily protect employees from the dangers of personal number exposure and get some peace of mind.


Business Continuity

Preserve the Continuity of Communications

To preserve the continuity of communications with clients and partners when a staff member goes on vacation or departs the company, organisations require staff members to return the company phone number they have been using. However this arrangement tends to be inconvenient for staff and can dampen their loyalty to the policy. Furthermore, such a simple benefit demands unnecessary and complicated administration. Corona® Cloud creates a surprisingly easy and flexible way for addressing the commonly overlooked issue of business continuity. Business numbers can now be installed on employee owned devices, managed, and assigned to any user with minimal effort.

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All these solutions are built into the powerful and easy-to-use Corona® Cloud platform. Click the button below and learn more.

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Awards & Recognition

Norwood's awards include Westpac's 200 Businesses of Tomorrow, INCITE's Most Effective eBusiness Solution, London Business School's Real Innovation Award, and many more