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Find out how Norwood's Healthcare communications solutions enable you and your staff to provide better care.

Healthcare Staff

Safety, Security and Privacy

Work within the Healthcare Sector is of a sensitive nature and when coupled with an increasingly mobile and often remote workforce, providing staff with better safety, security and privacy is of paramount importance.

Our unique Corona® solution consists of a management console and an app loaded on your health professional's smartphone which acts as a Virtual Business Phone. It provides a totally separate professional number for calls and SMS and importantly, comes with an underlying safety and security platform.

Healthcare Providers can now provide staff with a separate business communication platform directly on their own personal device. Our solution enables staff to easily separate all their personal communications from all their professional communications for both voice and SMS messaging.

One smartphone can now host several professional numbers completely independent of the user's existing personal mobile number, thereby protecting employees from the dangers of personal number exposure and abuse. The same app-based solution comes with an optional staff tracking mechanism as well as a complete voice and messaging capture, reporting and archival platform.


Healthcare Providers

AHPRA Code of Conduct Compliance

In Australia, AHPRA* Codes of Conduct require the recording of both written and electronic communications between Healthcare workers and patients in respect of Protected Health Information (PHI).

With our Corona® solution, we enable complete AHPRA compliance through our automated capture, archiving and reporting facility. This applies to all professional voice and SMS messaging and to satisfy AHPRA guidelines regarding "professional care" and "adequate recording" of information between Healthcare professionals and patients. In addition to automated SMS and voice call metadata capture, Corona® can also provide reporting in real-time down to the individual, cost centre or location level.

*Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency

Good Corporate Governance

Our Corona solution will enhance and improve your Corporate Governance on FOUR major fronts:

  1. Providing staff with an integrated and practical mobile business communication facility.
  2. Ensuring staff know their personal mobile number is protected and not used for patient communications.
  3. Providing staff with safety and security around their actual location.
  4. Adherence with AHPRA Codes of Conduct.

Risk Management

Good corporate governance and compliance with regulatory requirements can reduce potential legal and professional indemnity insurance exposures for the Healthcare Provider.

Recent legal cases involving Healthcare workers have highlighted the scope of responsibility of the employing organisation and importance in adhering to the appropriate Codes of Conduct.

Our solution will help reduce risk levels by providing the appropriate facilities for business communications and the downstream capture and logging of information to satisfy regulatory requirements.


Eliminate Administrative Pain Points

Eliminate Expense Reimbursements

Our Corona® solution ensures that the cost of any professional calls and SMS messages from your staff are billed directly to your corporate account.

Taking this responsibility from your staff eliminates the need for any expense reimbursement processes together with any associated downstream administration and management.

This not only simplifies the overall communication process for staff but also significantly improves your internal productivity around communication expenses and their possible reimbursement.

Eliminate "Pooled" or "Business Only" Mobile Phones

With Corona® and our Virtual Business Phone service, you can provide a professional calling facility with a separate business number and separate billing on your staff member’s personal smartphone.

Personal and Professional calling and SMS messaging facilities are provided on the one device but are completely insulated from each other.

This eliminates the cost and administration overhead of "pooled" or multiple phones be used by staff for professional purposes. Staff no longer need have the hassle of carrying two phones while employers can eliminate these additional phones altogether from your fleet eliminating the cost and time management.

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Corona® for Healthcare

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