Frequently asked questions

On this page you will find general information and frequently asked questions from our users. Still have some questions of your own to ask? Feel free to contact us.

Note: World Message is brand new! Our support team is working on updating this page to keep up with user enquiries and brand new product feature information.


Overview & Getting Started

World Message brings together International SMS and Instant Messaging in a familiar and easy to use format, giving you effortless and low-cost connections via text to anyone around the world. Send and receive SMS from a leased or company provided phone number through our Enterprise platform, Corona® Cloud.

World Message, works over the internet to also give you access to thousands of local telephone numbers in over 90 countries that you can rent on your iOS device. 

World Message is designed to be simple and familiar, with low-cost international SMS and free App-to-App messaging.

World Message also lets you lease a virtual phone number from 90+ countries.

The addition of World Message to Norwood's suite of mobility Apps also completes our virtual mobility solution for Enterprise. Companies can now enjoy the benefits of real BYOD, in a cost-effective and incedibly SaaS solution. Click here to learn more about our Enterprise offerings.

After installing World Message, enter your mobile number and a moment later you will receive an SMS with a code. Enter the code into World Message and that completes the set-up process.

Now every-time your device is turned on, World Message launches itself in the background and connects with our network, selecting the best possible access point to the international telephone network.

If you have rented a local number, our platform will decide on the best way to connect calls from that number to your location – even if you are in a different country.

World Message is free to download. In-app purchases are available for World Credit and phone numbers.

We can charge less for calls because we do not need to have a contract with every mobile network in the world. We use the public internet for short VoiP hops, which is free, and then we use the PSTN which is so competitive that rates are very low.

World Message allows you to use a local number on your phone, even when you have a roaming SIM card installed. This is a significant benefit. You can make high quality calls whenever you have a good quality internet connection – and this works in some places where visited mobile networks do not work well! You can avoid having to carry around two phones.

Yes! World Message is currently under development and is expected to be released in 2017.

World Message will initially only be available in English, with many languages to be released in future updates. 

World Message is free to download. In-app purchases are available for World Credit and phone numbers.

To make a call through World Message, a user needs reliable WiFi connection or good 3G/4G signal with Mobile Data enabled on the device. Note that users must have available data (MB) when making calls through a 3G/4G network.

Yes, World Message connects users to our network through the internet. You can use either WiFi or cellular data.

How to

Users can purchase World Credit quickly and easily right from the app. Simply go Settings > Manage My Account > Recharge.

iPhone users must have an active iTunes account with valid credit card credentials. Alternatively, iPhone users can also purchase an iTunes gift card which can be purchased with cash from various retail outlets.

On iPhone: Go to your native device Settings > General > Language & Region > iPhone Language > Select preferred language order. This should automatically change the language used within World Message. If the newly set language fails to load in World Message, kindly restart the App. 

On your device, simply go to Settings > Privacy > Contacts to allow this option.

In World Message, go to Settings > Manage My Account > Select Account > Select your Business or Personal account.

In the World Message App, go to Settings > Manage My Account > Set up a number.

Device Requirements – iOS

Yes – it is an Apple requirement for Apps to work on all iOS devices registered to the same Apple ID.

Yes. World Message syncs contacts from your native phone contacts list.

No. There is no need to enter a username or password to open the App or to make and receive a call. When you purchase World Credit or numbers, you will need to enter your Apple ID password. If your iPhone is locked when it receives a message, you must unlock your iPhone before you can view the message.

You can simply restore the download from the App Store. Registering your App with your original number will return your purchased World Credit and leased phone numbers.

World Message requires about 52 MB.

You can restore the App itself from iTunes to a new or repaired iPhone, but you will lose any credits you have purchased. Any contacts created in World Message are automatically created in your iPhone contacts. Life is a lot easier if you make regular backups of your iPhone. If you have rented a number please email as soon as possible.

You can ask your Mobile Network to unlock your iPhone – usually this just requires a code to be entered and maybe incurs a small fee. This will allow you to use a local SIM card when travelling. Try to set-up a roaming data package, so you have access to low cost data when roaming and then you can make low cost international SMS with World Message.

Turn off data roaming, and message with World Message whenever you can access Wi-Fi. Using a local SIM card does have advantages – usually you get better Wi-Fi for less cost – so before you travel, ask your Mobile Network Operator if they can unlock your phone. There might be a fee to pay for unlocking, but free unlocks are becoming increasing common. Not sure if your phone is SIM locked – borrow a SIM card from another Network – and put it into your phone. If it lets you make a call then you are already good to go!

Phone Calls, Leased Numbers, and Coverage

If you have access you the Internet then you can use World Message.

World Message is automatically set-up when you download the App and install it. World Credit is available immediately on purchase through iTunes. Most numbers are available immediately (a few require extra ID checks – we will let you know).

You can rent the same number on a month to month basis.

Yes, you can rent as many numbers as you like.

Yes. Local numbers that you have rented are specific to that country. If you visit a new country and you want to use a local number in World Message, you have to rent one for the new country. Numbers you have rented will work no matter which country you are in, just so long as you are connected to the Internet.

Inside the app, under settings/manage my account, we have provided “share” buttons that will include your new number in the message. The share button will generate a custom message for SMS, Email, Facebook posts, LinkedIn and more.

In World Message, your mobile number is the default number displayed, but you can choose to display any local number that you have purchased.

Yes, users who have World Message installed on their devices can message other World Message users free of charge. If a World Message user messages any other number that is not registered with World Message, the user sending the message will be charged for that message.

Correct. If you would like to receive international messages, it may be more cost effective to lease a World Message number. Your contacts can reach you on that leased number. As standard, the World Message service works through the internet so it is free.

Usually when you receive a message you can see the number of the sender, or the name if it is a person already in your contacts.

In the World Message App, to go to Settings > Manage My Account > Phone Numbers.

An in-app notification is sent to the user 1 week, 1 day and 1 hour before your leased number expires. In Settings > Manage My Account > Phone Numbers, just click the ‘RENEW’ button beside your leased number.

To set your leased number as your messaging ID, go to Settings > Manage My Account > Phone Numbers and click on your leased number to set messaging ID. You can switch messaging IDs at any time.

If a country is not listed when choosing from the list of global numbers within the app then, to proceed further, the following is required from the person wishing to lease the number.

  • Current [insert country name] address (address must be from the same area in [insert country name] as the number requested)
  • Proof of address (utility bill copy - not older than 6 months)
  • Passport or ID/Drivers license copy
  • Name, business name and contact phone numbers

NOTE: If registration/purchase is done under a company name, the company registration certificate shall be provided instead of passport or ID copy.o We will then process your request with the relevant authorities.

Accounts & Billing

World Message displays your World Credit balance at the top of the dial-pad screen and under My Account.

World Message users can manage their accounts from inside the App.

World Message users purchase World Credit and numbers in advance (pre-pay) via their Apple iTunes.

The App is free to download.

Yes, call charges will include taxes if applicable.

Information & Privacy

Yes. You can view our Privacy Policy on our website on in the App under settings/Legal/Privacy Policy.

All we require is a valid mobile phone number. Downloads and in-app purchases are managed by iTunes or Google Play.

Yes. This is normal for billing purposes.

Simply delete the App from your devices.

Support & Troubleshooting

Losing a phone can be a traumatic and emotionally disturbing event. Phone loss trauma can be minimised if you get into the habit of regularly backing up your data and settings, using a screen lock PIN and we recommend travel insurance.

We provide support through an email system and the first place to reach out for help is

For any issue relating to trying to activate the app, i.e. not receiving the activation code or unable to enter the activation code, please contact Our support team will generate and provide you with an activation code along with additional support if required.

If you did not receive your World Credit after making a purchase within the app (through iTunes or Google Play) and you have noted that you have been charged, kindly contact our support team at so we can rectify the issue.

No, credit cannot be shared across two or more devices. You will need to set up separate accounts on different devices.

No, users cannot use two or more devices registered with the same number. It’s necessary to uninstall the app on one device and check if the other one works correctly. Or if required, uninstall from both devices and re-register with only one number.

Still have some questions of your own to ask? Feel free to contact us.